Green Pea Happiness


I met Penelopea and Pearl at the Women’s Entrepreneur Day a few weeks back and was blown away by their wonderful personalities!

What a treat to try the green pea cookies, sweet and crumbly to brighten up my day!  I topped my ice cream with their chocolate covered cookies and instantly, it made me feel so better.  I felt like a kid in a candy shop again!  What an incredible feeling when things feel so chaotic and crazy.

After talking to the amazing founders, Larissa and Fiona, I learnt more about how they started their business and talked to them about their passions.  They told me about ‘Ask Pearl’ and my ears immediately perked up!  Ask Pearl anything anonymous and she will impart her wisdom within 24 hours.

‘Happeaness comes from within!’ –

I know that eating my troubles away temporarily fixes my challenges, though in the moment, it makes me feel good to focus on chewing and the enjoyment of eating.

The cookies are amazing with their unique flavours – Earl Grey, Chocolate Dipped, Sriracha, gluten-free, though it’s their story and their personalities that make the cookies extra special!  I loved their cookie personalities so much that they are on my fridge – as pictured above.

What do you enjoy doing to change your state and take your mind off your troubles?


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