Trading Expectation for Appreciation

How many of us go through the pain of frustration?  How do you end the suffering?

I’ve been going through stories in my head running and it feels all too consuming.  Stories as to why I’m not where I want to be, why things aren’t working, why it’s taking so long, etc.  It made me realize that these are the stories or beliefs that I’ve held inside my head.

I thought for a while that my feelings were not real or valid.  And it really made me question who I am.  In moments where I’m in a bad state, I doubt every piece of me.  I start stacking the worst possible scenarios and start to go into ‘fight or flight’ or crisis mode.  The decisions that I make in a bad state out of emotion and frustration create more bad energy.  I realize that when I forget to check myself and remember that life happens for us, not against us.

I’ve been reminded to keep my focus on the good – the things that I can change rather than the things that I cannot change.  When I get rejected, I realized that my pattern is to immediately see the bad, instead of seeing the beauty of getting stronger and stronger with each rejection.  I now see ‘no’ as not right now, but it’s not ‘no’ forever.

While watching Tony Robbins‘ Dreamforce video again, I have realized that the story that I’m telling myself is the suffering.  Tony says that when you are angry, you cannot be grateful and fearful at the same time.

The answers are always in your heart.




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