Fresh Start Cleanse

I’m doing a 3 day Fresh Start cleanse with Suja before Christmas.  For the past few weeks, I’ve essentially felt like I have been on a cleanse because I have been mostly been drinking juices and soups.  I feel like it helps reduce the load on my digestive system whilst getting the nutrients that my body needs.

When everyone was going out and eating really good food, I was cleansing my body to prepare for the new year.  Definitely a mind over body exercise to remind me of my strength.

I did a cleanse a few years back at the Tony Robbins – Life and Wealth Mastery course.  I just felt so much lighter and free after doing the cleanse.  I’m looking forward to feeing the same way with this 3 day cleanse.

For Day 1, I have to admit that I was feeling hungry by mid-day.  I followed Suja’s instructions with drinking some lemon with apple cider vinegar.  Then I started my day with a greens drink  first thing in the morning, followed by a carrot/turmeric drink afterwards.


My favourite drink was the beet juice for my lunch.  It was nice and sweet, a good pick me up to get through the day.  Though by around 1/2pm, I felt hungry, so I bought one of my  favourite pick me ups – almond drink with vanilla bean for protein at Pressed Juicery.

The remainder of the drinks were green drinks, with a variety of kale, chard, mint tea and a touch of lemon.  The dessert drink was an almond milk with blueberry, vanilla bean, cinnamon and chia seeds.


During the day, I found myself constantly going to the bathroom because of all the juices/water that I had consumed.  It’s a great feeling to let my digestive system take a breather, though I also found my emotions coming out as I spent an hour crying, not sure why, though the tears just kept flowing and flowing.

After the evening drinks, I felt more full and ready for bed.  It’s recommended to take the last drinks 2/3 hours before you sleep to help with digestion, so I did that, took a nice hot bath with epson salt and fell asleep pretty easily.  I could hear my tummy making noises, though I suppose this is a part of the ‘cleansing’ process.

The next two days were actually easier than I thought.  It was cold, so no doubt my body was shaking from being out in the cold.  Though I found myself changing my focus to think about other things when the thought of yummy holiday food crept into my head.  I had to supplement the juices with some extra veggies as I had to listen to my body.  For the past month, I have been drinking a lot of juices and not really eating, so even though I wanted to drink only the juices, I had to listen to my body and it was asking for some supplements.

Have you tried a cleanse?  If so, what’s worked and not worked for you?



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