I’ve been trying everything that I can think of to help let my body go of the anger and sadness that I have been experiencing.  I’ve always been a determined believer of trying different things and so I was excited to try some essential oils to help relieve some tension.

Saje’s theme of ‘love yourself first’ really resonated with me.  #spreadwellness


I was inspired by their essential oils, scents, new packaging and store layout as it’s changed from when I last remembered them!

I first tried their bath salts – their ‘unwind’ and ‘apres sports‘ scents really resonated with me, so decided to give it a go.  I also wanted to just melt in the bath tub to fall asleep and let my body go, so I also added a bath swish (aka bath balm) with extra oils to help make my bath more relaxing.  Loved the little inspiring note that came with the balm (though I didn’t know that it came with the balm, so it was ended up in my bathtub!).


The extra swish/balm was nice and oily, it felt great with the essential oils floating in the water.  Though I wish that the oils could have been stronger and more aromatic!  I added a few drops of the ‘bloom’ diffuser oils into the bath to help.

My favourite scent was the peppermint oil that was in the apres sports salts, it was slightly sweet and calmed the tension in my shoulders and back.  I even fell asleep for a little while in the bath tub!

What’s your favourite way to relax and unwind?


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