Community Support

I know this is a really late post, though it’s been really crazy and I haven’t found the time and/or inspiration to blog in the past while (just being really honest).  In the midst of feeling so much pressure of not doing or being enough and being too in my head, I had a really great conversation with a friend who reminded me of the power of community.

She is an Airbnb host and we have always got on really well because of her strength to go ‘deep’ and be as honest with open communication.  Just like the rest of us, we have our own share of challenges.  Though she convinced me to go to the Airbnb Christmas party a few months back and I am so grateful that she did.

We didn’t know a lot of the hosts, so I was grateful that I was able to meet some new friends and share stories along the way.  I opened up to some of the challenges that I was going through and was oddly surprised that others felt the same.  The power of what Airbnb is creating is amazing – through the power of community and connection, I realized that at the very end of the day, we are all human looking for the same sense of connection and belonging.

I had asked myself a few months back, “What if I’m not doing enough to get to where I want to be?” When I shared all the things that I had done to keep moving forward with my life, I was surprised by the feedback.  New friends, who knew nothing about me, affirmed my drive and made me realize that I had tried things that others have not done.  They reminded me of my courage and my openness to new experiences.

Thank you for reminding me of the light – in the midst of all the distractions, I am so grateful for the power of community.

Thank you to Airbnb again for allowing me to come to your Christmas party!  Thank you for the memories and for the photos – means the world to me!  Love the selfie stick (thanks M) for having everyone in one photo!

Have a great rest of your week!




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