Good Stuff Smoothies

I met with Michael, one of the founders of the Good Stuff, over funnily enough, an avocado smoothie a couple of years ago.  I remember his passion for health and wellness which was infectious.  So I was very excited to hear that he had recently opened a store!

The Good Stuff serves smoothies to order in their store and also delivers ready to blend smoothies to your home.

I love sharing my passion for health and wellness in this crazy, busy world where convenience is massively appreciated!  The concept of having everything pre-washed and pre-portioned, delivered to your home helps making the goal of eating and feeling healthy so much easier.

I also love how the fruits and veggies are sourced locally, supporting the local communities around British Columbia.  I also love how they are passionate about food transparency and work with suppliers who share the same vision.

The colourful packaging makes me feel brighter just looking the colourful smoothies.  Great attention to detail!

I was really excited to go behind the scenes to watch the smoothies being made in the kitchen; amazing to see the transparency of how everything is made.  Honoured to be able to go behind the scenes to watch everything come together.

Smoothies are blended two times so that everything is properly blended and the consistency is nice and smooth!

I also loved watching Tonner’s #lumpysmoothie tips on Instagram!  Great tips to keep your smoothies nice and smooth.

They make fresh cashew mylk (spelt ‘mylk’ as it’s not real milk) for the smoothies which got me really excited!  It’s actually easy to make.  Take 1 cup of cashews (soak them in water overnight) to 4 cups of water and then blend until smooth in your Vitamix or blender of choice.

Blend 350 mL of cashew or almond milk with your favourite Good Stuff smoothie and you’re ready to have a nutritious morning drink or snack to keep you going throughout the day!  Also great if you’re busy like me and don’t always have the time to eat all your fruits, smoothies are a great way to get more your nutrients into your body.  I also find that I can absorb and digest the nutrients better when it’s blended up.

This post is sponsored, all of the opinions expressed are solely my own.  If you’d like to try the Good Stuff or know of friends and family who would be interested, use my promo code “CAROLOWE” for a 15% off discount at checkout!

Cheers to health and wellness!  Have a fab rest of your week!

PS: I am pictured above with the Purple Cowboy smoothie, perfect for my hangry moments when I need something healthy to keep me going throughout the day!  Here is my smoothie being freshly prepared!

Thanks to everyone at Good Stuff for making it easier to be healthy and happy!


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