NLP – What is it and can it help?



So for a couple of years, I’ve been trying to attend this NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming) course as recommended by a couple of my girlfriends.  I have gone through some traumatic emotions and events that have left me questioning myself.  I’m sure it’s not to the severity that others have gone through (and I’m super thankful for this), though it has left me with challenging emotions to process.  Thankfully, my good friends have been utilizing the tools and techniques to get me back into a better state and releasing negative emotions such as anger, sadness, fear, shame and guilt.


I have to admit, I was really skeptical that these tools would work.  I’ve been taking Tony Robbins and T Harv Eker courses for a while now and couldn’t believe the place that I was brought to when the negative emotions surfaced.  As I was in such a challenging state and feeling like I didn’t have any options, I was willing to try anything to help take the pain away.

After months of my girlfriends helping me via text messages and Facetime sessions, I was finally able to sign up and take the NLP Practitioner Course.  It’s a 4 day intensive course (from morning till night) packed with content, so I was hoping that I would be able to take something away to bring me back into a resourceful state.  Luckily, we had manageable breaks to eat and go to the washroom, super grateful!

The content was great, lots of useful tools and exercises and live examples to show us how NLP applies to our every day life.  My brain kept thinking, how can I let go and trust that this will work?!  The more I kept thinking my negative thoughts, the more I just had to give it a try and give it a go.

We worked in partners and groups to practice with each other.  I have to admit that I felt self conscious doing the exercises, as I felt like I had to ‘know’ everything.  Though one of trainers reminded me that it’s likely our first time doing these exercises, so it’s natural to feel uncomfortable.  It will take practice for the discomfort to go away.

So slowly, I gave the exercises a go without (over) thinking too much.  We made mistakes and fumbled through and eventually got the result that we were looking for.

The one comfort was knowing that other people were going through exactly what I was thinking in my mind.  There were a lot of questions during the day which made me feel better about the thoughts in my own head.  I had the same questions, though stopped myself as I thought they would be silly questions.

In the end, I’m glad that I just let myself go through the exercises and not to overthink the process.  It’s about letting go of my thoughts and expectations and exploring new tools and techniques.  Who knows?  What if it works?  I’ll never know if I don’t give it a try.

The one tool that I came to the training for was to learn the Forgiveness Process.  I have been carrying feelings of sadness and anger, along with shame and have been trying to release these feelings for over a year now.  I have been listening to the audio on my phone and on my computer.  Though after repeating it the process over and over (with the patience of my good friend V), I didn’t feel like I had fully released these feelings that were weighing me down.

These emotions would come up in my day to day and I just felt stuck that I couldn’t get over what I was feeling.  Worse was when my friends would tell me to ‘get over it,’ I just couldn’t do it.  I already felt bad for what I was feeling.  How do you release deep rooted emotions and feelings that have been compounded over time?

The second day that we did Huna as a group, I felt a lighter energy come through me.  I felt my inner self cry as we did the process.  I felt more of the light that I had been searching for and felt the charge on the events that had created so much negative feelings for me, diminish.

I know that it’s not an overnight process and I do feel the sadness and anger that I felt previously, though it’s not as strong.  I have been continuing the Huna process in letting go, being as consistent as I can.  I thought that I needed to say the things that I wanted to say to the person that had wronged me.  Though the trainers showed me how to forgive and say the things that I need to say for me, without the other person being present.

It’s the inner work that I need to continue working on, thank you to the Empowerment Partnership Team for reminding me that I’m getting better every day!

The biggest validation for the weekend?  Trust my gut.  




Check out their videos and inspiration on Facebook, thank you massively!


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